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Ideas For Overcoming Your Sex Obstacles

Ideas For Overcoming Your Sex Obstacles. Have you ever felt stalled in your sex life? That your libido has suddenly left the building? Or that the obstacles in your erotic life were just too big for you to feel turned on the way you want to feel turned on? Have you ever felt that you were simply not “made” for sex? Or have had health challenges or life changes that have put your libido in the backseat? Or maybe you have never really “felt it.”


Reasons You Don't Want to Have Sex

When you first met your partner, there was electricity, there was passion, and there was sex—lots of it! Now, it’s a challenge to remember the last time you were naked together. “Virtually all relationships go through some sort of tapering-off period, typically after 6 months to a year"


Sex Toy Shopping, Why It’s No Longer a Dirty Little Secret

It used to be something done in secret. Anybody, from good girl to gay guy to carnal couple, had to slink down to the seedy sex toy shop on the other side of town to purchase their private pleasure items. Nobody would’ve dreamed of visiting their local pharmacy for a titillating toy, let alone dared to do so. Yet thanks to the sexual wellness revolution taking the world by storm, lovers are doing just that. So why the major change in consumer sex toy shopping?


Pregnancy and Safe Sex

Is sex safe during pregnancy? Is it safe? Sure, sex during and after pregnancy is definitely a new frontier, but it doesn't have to be alien territory! Unless a woman is experiencing certain medical problems, sexual activity is safe up until your water breaks.


Women Men Seduction

Seduction isn’t all action – a lot of what’s involved in seducing a woman comes from what you say. What if you could whisper a few simple words into any woman’s ear and then have her look at you with a big smile, grab you by the belt and drag you to her bedroom? Yeah, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the right word at the right time will turn her on quicker than roses, candy or even a romantic dinner for two



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