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Shopping for a new sex toy can be overwhelming. With all of the materials that toys can be made of, how do you choose what will be best for you? Why is one dildo $20 and another one $150? Hopefully this guide will take some of the mystery out of materials for you. Sex toys are made out of just about every material imaginable. Like many other body conscious sexuality boutiques, we grade sex toy materials on a “body safe” scale and go to great lengths to only carry toys made from premium, healthful materials. But what does this mean? Well, to be blunt, some companies make toys from materials that you just shouldn’t be sticking in your vagina – or anywhere else for that matter! Why? Well because the sex toy industry is largely unregulated and they can get away with it. They make toys for profit, not for your sexual well being. So what’s a person to do? We have compiled a list of the 10 most common sex toy materials below; with information about how safe they are and what you can find them in so that you can make an informed decision the next time you are in the market for a new toy!


Silicone Strapless Strap On PinkMarcia MV1 Silicone Vibrator - Neon Pink

Silicone   – Safest

A velvety, often times flexible material that is used to make dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings and other soft toys. This is considered to be one of the safest materials on the market due to it’s accepted use in medical instruments. Silicone is non porous so it can not collect dirt or bacteria inside the material. A quick wash with soap and hot water is sufficient to clean this type of material. It can also be boiled to be disinfected as long as it doesn’t have a motor or plastic components. This makes it an ideal choice for a toy that will be used by multiple partners
*Do not use silicone lube with silicone toys as they will combine and you will melt your toy!*
Elastomer / Elastomed– Safe to Very Safe
Elastomer / Elastomed are soft materials used to create vibrators, dildos, masturbation sleeves and more. Elastomer / Elastomed can be washed with mild soap and hot water. Elastomer is slightly porous and sensitive to extremely high temperatures. As such, elastomer can not be disinfected and could potentially harbor bacteria. We recommend elastomer be used with a condom. Elastomed is non-porous but not boilable. However, elastomer and elastomed are free of plastic softeners such as phthalates so it is a good option for customers who may not be able to afford / choose not to buy the higher priced silicone toys but still want a body safe material. 

Cyberskin / Superskin – Questionable Safety

Cyberskin / Superskin is an oil based material used to mimic the look and feel of skin. It is most often used to make soft dildos, packing penises and masturbation sleeves (the Fleshlight most famously). Because it is oil based and highly porous, we do not suggest this material for any toys that will be used internally (vaginally or anally) unless it is used with a condom. Cyberskin is also incompatible with several lubes such as silicone and oil and can absorb dyes and break down easily.   *Cyberskin / Superskin can not be cleaned with soap as it will break down the material*
Latex – Questionable Safety
Latex is another soft material used in many dildos and vibrators. The latex used in toys is very porous and, as such, should be used with a condom at all times and not shared between partners. Latex can also be difficult to clean due to its porous nature. Many people also have sensitivities to latex so care should be taken when using these toys.
Jelly Rubber – Very Unsafe
Jelly rubber was the standard soft dildo and vibrator material in use up until a few years ago. Jelly rubber contains phthalates which are plastic softeners that have been linked to cancer risks and a whole host of other health problems. Phthalates along with other chemicals in this material cause it to give off a very strong plastic odor akin to a vinyl shower curtain or beach ball. This is also a porous material, making it hard to clean and not suitable for share between partners. Even with a condom, we do not recommend any customer purchase a jelly rubber toy and we do not sell them at Secret Pleasures.


ABS plastic– Very Safe
 ABS plastic is a mix between elastomer, rubber and hard plastic. It is very sturdy and can even be recycled! It is most often used to make vibrators and other types of rigid toys. It is a non-porous material that is easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water and can be shared between fluid bonded partners.
Stainless Steel – Safest
Stainless steel is used to make a number of dildos, g-spot toys and anal plugs. Non-porous, heavy and very durable, stainless steel is an excellent choice for customers looking for a toy that they will have for a lifetime. It can be boiled to be disinfected, making it easy to use with multiple partners. Stainless steel also holds temperatures beautifully so it can be chilled or warmed as desired.
Glass – Safest

Glass is another beautiful hard material used to make dildos, anal toys and even some vibrators. There are many types of glass on the market but they are all non-porous and easily cleaned. Borosilicate glass (the same kind of glass used by Pyrex) is very break resistant and can be boiled to be disinfected. Hand blown glass can come in a stunning array of colors and shapes which make these toys unique art pieces. Hand blown glass can not be boiled, however, because it will destroy the colors inside the toy.  

*Always make sure to inspect glass toys prior to use. If any cracks are present, please discard the toy*  
Acrylic  – Very Safe
Acrylic is an extremely hard, non-porous material used to make pretty much every kind of sex toy. Acrylic mimics the look of glass but is virtually indestructible so it can be a good choice for customers who like the look of glass but feel uncomfortable with the material. It is easily cleaned with soap and water but it can not be boiled to be disinfected.
Wood – Very Safe
Wood is a naturally occurring material that can be fashioned into beautiful toys. Wood toys are always coated in several layers of body safe lacquer that make them non-porous and water resistant. They are easily cleaned with soap and water but can not be boiled. Most wood toys are also sourced from sustainableforested wood so they are not damaging to the earth.

Hopefully this guide has shed some light on the vast array of materials used in toys. This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you have any questions about a toy or material, you can always give the store a call or stop by to speak to one of our sex educators


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