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About Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators could be bullet and egg to rabbit vibrators and everything in between, so Adultys.com offers a wide range of clitoral toys sure to pleasure your most sensitive areas.

Bullets & Eggs

Sleek and small, you can use your bullet or egg vibrator to tickle and tease all of your erogenous zones. Whether for solo play or foreplay with a partner, the quiet and intense motors of these vibrators hit the spot.


These clitoral vibrators are generally shaped like butterflies, with large wings and antennas to stimulate every area. They usually come with straps, so you can wear your clitoral vibrator in any situation, even during sex.


Rabbit vibrators have been some of the most popular vibrators over the years, especially for solo play. Known for their exceptional power and multiple functions, rabbits also allow for simultaneous pleasuring with multiple functions and uses. In addition to vibrating, many of the shaft components can spin, swirl, and tantalize with twisting beads, reaching every inch of your most sensitive areas.

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are perfect for those who want to incorporate clitoral stimulation during sex. They’re powerful, small, and non-intrusive, so they won’t disturb your partner’s experience or inhibit you from any positions.


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What are Women's Sex Toys?

You're a hard-working women, you deserve to play hard too! Women's sex toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  But they're all designed for women like you to have fun! Women's sex toys can squeeze your nipples, tickle your clit, stroke your G-Spot, exercise your vaginal muscles and a whole more. And they'll never leave the toilet seat up!

Kegel ultimate womens sex toys, Sex Toys Guide

Ben Wa Balls have rapidly gone from being one of the least understood sex toys to one of the most popular. And it’s all because of their appearance in the best-selling erotic series 50 Shades of Grey. After 50 Shades of Grey came out, there was a huge spike in Ben Wa Ball sales as women read about them and decided to try them out. But they quickly discovered that there’s a huge difference between reading about fictional characters using Ben Wa Balls and personally trying them.
Ben Wa Balls are essentially any sex toy designed for Kegel exercises and vaginal stimulation. They look very similar to the Chinese meditation balls that roll around in the palm of your hand.
Ben Wa Balls traditionally come in pairs, even though you can use them one at a time and still get an effective workout. Despite their name, Ben Wa Balls aren’t always shaped like balls. Some are more oval shaped, while others are more like teardrops. Ben Wa Balls vary even more when it comes to size and weight so you can better fit your personal needs. Ben Wa Balls can be linked together on a harness or they can be completely separate like a pair of marbles. Some Ben Wa Balls contain free-rolling weights or mini vibrators inside them for additional stimulation.
How Do Ben Wa Balls Work?
Ben Wa Balls use your natural instincts to strengthen your vaginal muscles. When you insert a Ben Wa Ball, your vagina automatically tightens around the ball to hold it in place. The more active you are, the harder your vagina works to keep the Ben Wa Ball from slipping out. This gradually strengthens your vaginal muscles over time. But you can actively speed up the process by combining Ben Wa Balls with Kegel exercises. Kegels involve you actively clenching and releasing the balls with your vaginal muscles. Just like many other exercise routines, Kegels need to be repeated on a regular basis for maximum effectiveness.

Ultimate Women's Sex Toys Guide

If you've got a question about sex toys for women, then Adultys.com 
has the answer! Our Ultimate Women's Toys Guide is filled with inside information, tips and advice to help you find the very best sex toys for 
women, learn how to use them, and how to clean them. Because if you
take care of your sex toys, they'll take care of you for many nights.

How to Find the Best Women's Toys

There are hundreds of different women's sex toys to choose from, which can make it really hard

to find the right toy for you. We asked Adultys.com sex toy experts for some advice, and theyput together a

"dating guide" for women's toys so you can find your ideal match.

Women's Toys




Made from anal-friendly materials
Includes special safety features

Not every woman is comfortable with backdoor play

Anal stimulation


Strengthens your vaginal muscles

Not as stimulating as other toys


                  Kegel exercises

                  Stronger orgasms



Pulls blood into your vagina 


Effects don't last long

Increases your sensitivity


Fills you up like nothing else

Never needs batteries

Not as stimulating as a vibrator

Discreet vaginal and G-Spot stimulation


Pinches & squeezes your nipples

Can be hard to balance

pleasure & pain

Nipple stimulation


Powerful and intense stimulation

Requires batteries or nearby electrical outlet

Some can be loud


Most likely to cause an orgasm

                                                    How to Buy Women's Toys

                 Now that you're familiar with the different types of women's sex toys, it's time to do some serious shopping.                                                                                       Here's some other things you need to know about sex toys before hitting the Add to Cart button.

                                  Start With Materials

Smart sex toy shoppers know that material makes a big difference in how you 

use a toy and care for it as well. If you want something soft and flexible, stick with 

silicone, TPE or TPR. Plastic and glass are also a good materials for women's 

sex toys if you want something firmer.


Plan Your Women's Sex Toys Budget



                               Plan Your Women's Toys Budget

There are women's toys out there for all types of budgets.
You can buy a basic dildo or vibrator for just a few bucks.
Or you can splurge on a brand-name vibrator that does
everything but make coffee for you the next morning.


                              Determine the Size of Your Toy

Size really does matter when it comes to women's sex toys. Before buying a dildo or vibrator, double-check the measurements to make sure it's not too big for you. And you don't want a toy that's too small for you to feel either! The average sized sex toy is about 1" wide and 5-6" long. Start there and then you can always move up to something bigger later.




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