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rabbit vibrators at adultys.com

Rabbit vibrators are a staple in any woman’s secret stash.

With the teasing bunny-shaped clitoral stimulator,

multiple vibrations modes, and dual-action fun, these

feminine sex toys have plenty to play with. Some rabbit

vibes have more functions, such as rotating beads in the

shaft and anal probes, that provide extra thrilling sensations

to your sweet spots for an even better experience.


G-spot vibrators are also popular female sex toys, and these

delightful pleasure wands are specially designed to provide

targeted G-spot stimulation. The G-spot is a female erogenous

zone inside the vagina that can be hard to reach. But, with a

G-spot vibrator’s curved shaft, you can easily arouse your

G-spot and experience mind-blowing sensations and even

vaginal orgasms. Most G-spot vibes have multiple vibration

modes, just like the rabbit vibe, and some can also have clitoral

stimulators for double the pleasure


Rabbit vibrators are the rock stars of the sex toy world. Rabbits

have appeared in movies, TV shows, magazines, and tabloids all

over the globe. But what makes rabbit vibes so different from

other types of sex toys?


Rabbit vibrators trace their name back to their signature

feature – a clitoral stimulator shaped like bunny ears.

These bunny ears are generally long and thin, allowing

them to vibrate extremely fast. This gives rabbit vibrators

a light and playful tickling sensation, which many women

find ideal for clitoral stimulation

rabbit vibrators at adultys.com

But that’s not the real reason behind the shocking popularity and success of rabbit vibrators. Most sex toys – including other types of vibrators – focus on stimulating one erogenous zone at a time. Anal beads, for example, focus on anal stimulation, while G-Spot vibrators are intended primarily for G-Spot stimulation. Rabbit vibrators, however, break the mold by stimulating multiple erogenous zones at the same time. A single rabbit could feature a curved tip for G-Spot stimulation, rotating beads for vaginal stimulation in addition to its signature bunny ears. Some rabbit vibrators might even feature an anal teaser as well for backdoor fun. All these extra stimulators make it much easier for women to have an orgasm while using a rabbit vibrator. And that’s why women worldwide love their rabbit vibrators so much! 
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